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The highest level of engineering.


OMES Engineering Services Ltd was founded in 2019 with the goal to provide professional engineering services to its partners. 

OMES provides a full range of construction-related services for many types of projects and clients. From buildings and roadways, to utility lines and stream restoration, our construction managers, resident engineers, and inspectors help deliver projects faster, better and more cost effectively by facilitating communication and solving problems before they impact the job. 

Backed by a multi-discipline team of engineers, planners and scientists, OMES offers construction services that ensure quality and cost savings while minimizing client risk and facilitating communication among project stakeholders. Our broad engineering resources provide a one-stop shop for the client as well as an instant resource to the project manager in the field, allowing us to seamlessly deliver projects to clients on time and within budget.

We provide the expertise to manage efforts ranging from multi-phase, multi-site construction programs to single construction projects. Acting as an extension of the owner’s staff, our team provides leadership and coordination to improve schedule performance, minimize cost overruns and ensure successful construction projects. Our team plans for contingencies, considers alternatives and evaluates the next steps in order to plan for all possibilities.

We - the owners - studied at Budapest University and Technology graduated as engineers then we both finished masters course in Business Management. We each have over 10 years of management experience under our belt. We believe that we can help you in many ways and in many areas within your business, feel free to contact us! 

Norbert Olasz and Mate Monos


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