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OMES - Project Management / Contract Management

Project Management / Contract Management

OMES offers a range of multi-disciplined services to help clients manage their capital programs. Serving as an extension of our client's staff, our program managers provide expertise in handling a wide variety of projects. Using a comprehensive construction management approach, we integrate the different facets of the construction process—planning, design, procurement, construction and activation—and provide technical and management expertise for each project. 

OMES provides seamless management strategies throughout the program's lifecycle. Our team implements these strategies with special focus on schedule and budget objectives, always assessing potential impacts that affect both. As the program progresses from planning, through design, construction and occupancy, we use our experiences and lessons learned from other projects to inform decisions at critical points during each project.

Our company is focusing mainly on engineering services in order to help our clients from the construction planning to the project management and permitting processes. We also provide services to localize foreign plans in order to meet the Hungarian Standards which is one of the main elements starting a construction in Hungary and to get the required permits.