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OMES - Technical Supervision

Technical Supervision

The role of a Technical Supervisor generally involves the management and supervision of a construction site in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Pursuant to Government Decree 191/2009. (IX. 15.), a construction supervisor ensures and verifies compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, standards, contracts and the construction documentation during the entire process of building construction.

Over and above statutory requirements, our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • participating on project meetings, and elaborate on the protocols in English and Hungarian,
  • proposing necessary countermeasures and managing duties if delay happens,
  • check-up during manufacturing and before covering hidden components,
  • participating at necessary control measures and tests, recording the fact and result of the check-ups,
  • supervision of construction activities, checking whether the materials and quality of workmanship is according to the plans and requirements of relevant standards,
  • supervision of variations occurred by technical necessity,
  • checking the HSE standards during the implementation,
  • checking the completed works prior to payment approvals,
  • checking and enforcing the Quality Assurance documentation of the contractor(s),
  • continuous monitoring and countersigning the contsraction log book (e-napló) with authority as agreed with the Client,
  • approving and accepting building works with the involvement of other specialists,
  • participating and recordkeeping on all tests, measurements in the project documentation,
  • identifying building defects, and supervising the fixing works,
  • preparing default log lists, instructing and controlling their repair,
  • participating and controlling tests,
  • checking maintenance and care instructions,
  • preparing, checking, collecting, organizing and handing over to the Client the as built documentation with its supplements (instructions of application and use, certificates, manuals, test protocols, etc.),
  • enforcing systematic collation of the „as built” drawings and calculations by the contractors,

Our construction supervision service for building construction and civil engineering works include all construction supervision for every specialist field such as architecture, frame, civil engineering, building engineering services, building electricity (high and low current), fire safety, etc.